The Friends of St. Laurence (FOSL) is a Registered Charity, Number 1114108

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How can you help?

The easiest and simplest, hands-off way is to become a Friend of St Laurence and sponsor the upkeep of the church for one day. It costs about £13,000 to maintain St. Laurence for a year - i.e. just over £30 a day - but that means just a penny a day to sponsor one day’s upkeep of the church per Friend! All we ask is that you make out a standing order for £30, nominate your chosen day(s) and we will put your name (or any other nominee’s name) in the Sponsors’ Book in the Church. It can be your wedding anniversary or any day you choose, and is inexpensive. To download an application  form, just click HERE Thank you!

How about joining FOSL?

We have been going for more than 11 years, and have had only a few personnel changes. We need new ideas and would welcome anyone who would like to give up a very small amount of time to help us organise fundraising events. You would be welcome to attend any of our meetings to see who we are and what we do, or you could contact any one of the Trustees for an informal chat. St Laurence Needs You!

We often arrange concerts and talent competitions.

If you can sing, dance, play an instrument or can just have an entertaining party-piece, we need your input. We especially welcome entries from children, who have often been the star performers in previous concerts. It could be the first time that a child performs in front of a live audience, some members of which have been moved to tears by what youngsters can do. More Info. Click “About FOSL” button above.

It is emphasised that FOSL has no direct connection with the Diocese, indeed many of our members are not regular churchgoers, but rather a group of local residents who recognise that St. Laurence is the oldest functioning building of any kind for miles around, and is therefore of great historical importance. If you live in the village for any time you will most likely use the church as you attend a baptism, wedding or funeral. You may also show visitors around the village, and probably stop to admire the church. So why not sign up?